Shoreline Aviation Comes to Madison


Have friends visiting from NYC this summer, skip the usual beach traffic on 95 and instead hop on a flight with Shoreline Aviation. This project was initiated back in September of 2017 by members of the Madison Planning and Economic Development Commission and Biehn Travel to promote Madison as a great place to live and visit. 

Shoreline's seaplanes land near Tuxis Island in the Long Island Sound, and a convenient launch service shuttles passengers between the airplane and West Wharf. Flights are now available between Madison and New York City's 23rd Street Seaplane Base on the East River of Manhattan. 

For business people living in Madison and commuting on a regular basis, it's the fastest way to get to the city (35 minutes) and the view is unbeatable! If you're traveling from New York to Madison to stay at home of the hotel or a bed and breakfast, you can truly be delivered in style!

Shoreline Aviation also designs seaplane flight packages for special events such as weddings, parties or theater trips to New York City. 

Contact Biehn Travel at (203) 245-7333 or email Shoreline Aviation at for pricing and information.