Season Opens at The Place

The Place Restaurant is a truly unusual outdoor seafood restaurant in Guilford, CT where visitors dine outdoors while a crackling wood fire roasts savory clams, smoky lobsters, sweet corn and much more.  Instead of chairs, tree stumps encircle bright red tables, decorated with a bottle of freshly cut flowers.  One large menu towers over the dining area, allowing all to see their options as smiling waitstaff come to take their order.

History of The Place

In the 1940s, an old sailor known as Whitey started up an informal clambake by the side of Route 1 in Guilford, CT.  Over time it grew into a real restaurant called Whitey’s where travelers enjoyed his special roasted clams while sitting on tree stump instead of chairs.  Whitey employed many local teens including the Knowles brothers, Gary and Vaughn.  In 1971, Whitey’s was up for sale and Vaughn and his wife, Judy, decided to buy it and take over.  When trying to pick a new name they remembered an old saying of Whitey’s...

“There’s no place, quite like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be The Place.”

Soon after establishing The Place, Vaughn teamed up with his brother Gary, and they became co-owners of The Place Restaurant.  They still run it together today, serving up the same roasted clams that got it all started, but the menu has expanded to include lobster, corn, steamers, fish, steak, chicken, and more.  Today The Place has grown to about 50 tables, and the fire-pit is a sizzlin’ 18 feet long.  But some things remain the same—every night is a cookout with good food and good friends!


The Menu is a-la-carté and simple.   Visitors are welcome to add to the dining experience by bring their own sides, tablecloths, candles, etc. The Place is  also BYOB, so adults can come with their favorite beer, wine or whatever they like (please drink responsibly).

Man Fire Food 

The Place was featured by Roger Mooking, host of Man Fire Food on the Cooking Network highlighting the unique, simple fire-side preparation that makes The Place, "the place". 

Catch the video here!