Business Spotlight / Greenhouse Beauty

Is the Connecticut Shoreline becoming the new wellness hub? With it’s growing population of yoga studios, wellness and beauty boutiques, and delicious spots for a healthy bite all set along the beautiful Connecticut Shoreline waterfront - I would say yes.

One of the newest additions to the Connecticut Shoreline is Greenhouse Beauty in Old Lyme.

Greenhouse Beauty came to life in the form of a dream, by the founder: Rachel Postovoit, who lovingly educates and guides clients through all their green beauty ventures. She makes your skin and beauty goals her own, to help you through any confusion, and to ultimately get you to a place of happiness and joy! She can be found in the shop humming, dancing, and most possibly wearing a fanny pack.

Walking into Greenhouse Beauty, you feel like you’re walking into your best-friends house. You want to grab a tea, curl up on the couch and just chat. It’s this welcoming environment that has me wanting to go back again and again.

On the Shoreline we’re finding more and more clean beauty boutiques, with real humans behind the doors that care about your skin, health + well-being - and Rachel is definitely one of them! Her warm + welcoming personality pulls you in, her knowledge and experience in beauty and skincare keeps you engaged, and her passion for people will assure you she’s here for the right reasons: to offer you the best skin of your life and make self-care a priority.

Here’s what you’ll find at Greenhouse Beauty…

  • Products that do what they say they will

  • Brands that stand for something

  • Products that don’t change because of a trend

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients

  • And products that are not mass-produced or have parent companies

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel and experience a few of her favorite products during one of her facial sessions:


A daily go-to, leaving skin fresh and hydrated. Cleanses and balances with active apple extract — a natural antiseptic. This antioxidant formula helps skin defend itself, removes impurities, and create a good balance. Learn more.


One product that serves all skins. Intelligent Nutrients’ glycol is made from sugar cane extracts that lift dead cells and environmental pollutants safely yet completely, helping skin and other skincare products work their best. The gel specifically benefits cell turnover, while gently exfoliating, reducing sun damage and acne scars. Learn more.


This specially crafted mist is more than a toner, beyond a mere balancer, anything but an ordinary astringent. Intellimune-powered moisturization in a highly bio-available form sinks into skin, ensuring the benefits of our serum go deeper while applying antioxidant superpower to help skin’s elasticity, bounce back and inner light turn on. Learn more.


Kahina Giving Beauty’s Face Serum delivers vitamins A, C, E and K in an antioxidant-rich blend of oils and active botanical ingredients to deeply moisturize, reduce inflammation, brighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Learn more.


Luxuriously textured and gentle, Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream enriches, moisturizes, and protects your delicate eye area from damaging elements. Softens and enriches even the most dehydrated, sensitive skin.  Enriched with the finest blend of powerful raw plant force to soften and protect the delicate area around the eyes. Refreshes and helps to smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness. Learn more.


Intensely hydrating moisturizer surge packed with actives to help firm and visibly diffuse fine lines, rebuild moisture barrier and even skin tone. This plush cream is for those who are serious about moisture and age. Combine with Renewing Oil Serum for a surplus of soft, supple skin this winter season. Learn more.

Next time you’re in Old Lyme, make sure and stop by to grab a seat on her couch and chat green beauty, shop her curated collection of green beauty products, enjoy a facial or mini-makeover, and join a try-on party or masking event!

Greenhouse Beauty
19 Halls Road
Old Lyme, CT
(860) 377-3360